Central Office/Civic Center
Perry Recreation Center
Senior Center
Autrey Center
Ed Lisenby Lake
Administrative Staff
Steve Sherrill, Director    774-2618
Lauren St. Cin, Area Manager  774-2618
Randall Hill, Division Manager  774-2523
Clara Fryer, Autrey Center Manager   774-2042
Angie Kelly, Senior Center Manager   445-6900
Mission Statement
We will create and uphold a positive environment for everyone to succeed. We want to generate enthusiasm and departmental unity so individuals associated with our program can reach their full potential. We want everyone to work as a team, know how important it is to be part of our team and know how important it is to fulfill their role to the team.
We will use all resources we have together to enhance the quality of life in Ozark by:
·      �Maintaining superior parks/facilities
·      �Providing all-inclusive leisure activities
·      �Planning for future programs/facilities, as area needs change
·      �Create tourism through events