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According to the latest Hendon Engineering State of Alabama Water and Sewer Rate Survey, for towns with populations 10,000 and greater, for a customer using 5,000 gallons of water in a month, our water and sewer rates are lower than the state average. The Ozark Utilities Board is proud to report that our rates are very competitive with other communities of our size.

For our customer's convenience we have a drive thru payment window. Please limit your drive thru transactions to no more than two accounts so as not to inconvenience others. There is also a payment depository at the drive thru with payment envelopes if you have several transactions or if the window is closed.

General Information: A late charge of $6 will be added after the bill due date. A meter deposit totaling $125 will be charged for accounts that are disconnected for nonpayment. The service charges for all new accounts and transfers with existing meters is $35. Deposits may be required from commercial accounts equal to a 3-month average of usage as determined necessary by the General Manager.

Water Rates: A Base Charge of $12.95 for single units and $12.63 for multiple units plus $1.82 per 1,000-gals for the first 2,000-gals used and $1.87 per 1,000-gals thereafter, plus 4% state utility tax. There is an extra 25% charge for service outside the city limits. The minimum bill for 2,000-gals and less is $16.59 for single units and $20.74 for single units outside the city limits, plus 4% state tax. Minimum bills are based on meter size plus the base charge:

  • 3/4" - 2,000gals:  $3.64+ $12.95 = $16.59
  • 1" - 8,000gals:     $14.86 + $12.95 = $27.81
  • 1.5" - 20,000gals: $37.30 + $1295 = $50.25
  • 2" - 50,000gals:    $93.40 + $12.95 = $106.35
  • 3" - 100,000gals:  $186.90 + $12.95 = $199.85
  • 4" - 200,000gals:  $373.90 + $12.95 = $386.85

Plus 4% state utility tax

Plus 25% outside city limits

Sewer Rates: A Base Charge of $12.62 for single units and $12.30 for multiple units plus $1.85 per 1,000-gals of water used, up to 12,000-gals. There is no charge for sewer after 12,000-gals of water usage for residential customers. There is no tax on sewer use. The maximum residential monthly sewer charge, for 12,000-gals, is $34.82 for single units and $34.50 for multiple units. The monthly sewer  Flat Charge, for 2,000-gals, is $16.32. If there is no metered water usage the monthly sewer charge is the Base Charge. There is an Extra Charge of 25% for outside the city limits sewer service. There is not a monthly maximum for commercial customers. All customers will be charged a monthly sewer fee based on water usage if sewer is available whether connected to the sewer or not. The City of Ozark's sewer ordinance Chapter 10, Article III. Section 10-72 Use of Public Sewers required, part (d) reads, " The owner of all houses, buildings, properties used for human occupancy, employment, recreation, or other purposes, situated within the City and abutting on any street, alley, or right-of-way in which there is now located or may be in the future located a public sanitary or combined sewer of the City, is hereby required at owners expense to install toilet facilities thereon, and to connect such facilities directly with the proper public sewer in accordance with the provisions of this ordinance, within 90 days after the official notice to do so, provided that said public sewer is within 150 feet (30.6 meters) of the property line. The property owner shall be responsible for the payment of applicable connection/tapping fees to The Utilities Board prior to connection." A 1990 Attorney General's opinion in the case of the Town of New Brockton versus three homeowners that were charged for sewer without being connected to the sewer states "It is the opinion of this office that the Water Works and Sewer Board of The Town of New Brockton may bring a civil action to collect hook-on fees, delinquent monthly service charges, and accrued late fees without first charging a resident with a misdemeanour for failure to connect to the system."

Did you know that the majority of all residential sewer backups and sanitary sewer overflows are caused by improperly disposing of materials in the sewer? Cooking oil and grease, feminine products, paper towels, hair, ground up food, etc., should be disposed of in your waste basket, not the sewer. The sewer is designed to handle water, human waste, and toilet paper only.



We have a convenient drive-up window and an after hours drop box for making payments on the Merrick Avenue side of our office. For multiple payments and other transactions please come inside.

We offer the option of payment by bank draft. This option offers convenience for our customers, eliminating the hassle of paying by mail or in person. You receive a monthly bill statement for your water/sewer bill that informs you that the amount due was automatically withdrawn from your bank account. See our Office Manager, Brad Powers, if you would like this option. We accept on-line credit card payments.


Water and Sewer Connection Fees

A Connection Fee, or fee per unit, will be allowed to any owner, builder or developer constructing a unit or units within a development which has been provided water and/or sewer mains, service connections, laterals and appurtenances at the expense of others than the Ozark Utilities Board.

# of Units

Water Fee/Unit

Sewer Fee/Unit

0 to 10  



11 to 20



21 to 35



36 to 50



Over 50